Transport Assist is a management transportation company specializing in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). We provide services in all of Northern California, Southern California, Antelope Valley, Inland Empire, San Diego and El Paso, Texas.

Transport Assist was initially conceptualized to provide transportation services to doctor’s office, MRIs and physical therapy. Since then we have expanded to provide transportation services to dialysis, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Moving at least 1,000 – 1,500 trips per day, our Dispatch Team have become seasoned with efficiently routing trips and anticipating our client’s needs. We are equipped with an automated dispatching system and a 24-hour dispatch center. This enables us to better manage our vendors, clients and members.


Our NEMT transportation providers are equipped with tools to provide the quality, safe and reliable services your members need and our Dispatch Team ensures that the quality of these services are not compromised. We are able to track and conduct quality assurance to ensure that our transportation providers adhere to the quality of standards of our clients.